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A time for just the two of you 
Engaged Encounter
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Why do marriage preparation?

We believe it’s important to start married life with the right tools and the right attitude, so that your marriage is the best it can be.

That’s why we provide Engaged Encounter weekends as a safe place where you can prepare for a fulfilling married life.

What an Engaged Encounter weekend can do for you

The weekend is an opportunity to get away from the stress of wedding plans for a short time and focus on each other and your future married life.

It is also designed to start conversations about your relationship - conversations that can carry on when you leave.

In short, it’s an opportunity for you to learn how to make your marriage really special.

What you can expect during an Engaged Encounter weekend

The weekend is full and structured with little free time.  You are there to focus on your feelings, hopes, joys, fears and expectations for marriage in a peaceful environment.

You do not have to share personal details with anyone else; the weekend is just between the two of you to help you communicate effectively and honestly.

Our team of married couples, will present a series of talks, each focusing on a different aspect of married life.

As they speak frankly and honestly about their own experiences of marriage, you will be challenged to think about your own present and future relationship.

At the end of each talk you will be given time to reflect individually on what you have heard before meeting privately with your partner to share your response. The aim is to provide a positive and thought provoking experience to prepare you for a fulfilling married life.

The weekend in brief

Basis of the Weekend

The Engaged Encounter Weekend presents a Christian understanding of marriage based on the Bible. However, we believe that the weekend is suitable for Christians and non Christians alike.

The Cost

Others have gladly given so you can experience the weekend without having to worry about whether you can afford it.

Apart from the registration fee of £50 per couple, the weekend is free! It is offered to you as a gift - the whole cost including accommodation and food is covered; there are no hidden extras.

At the end you will be given the opportunity to help towards the cost of future weekends if you wish.  

We hope that you will want to give your marriage the best start and book onto an EE weekend today!

Find Your Weekend Now

We hope that you will want to give your marriage the best start and book onto an Engaged Encounter Weekend


Find Your Weekend Now

The Engaged Encounter weekend consists of a series of presentations each followed by a chance to reflect and talk to each other - you'll only ever have to talk with your partner.

Here's a taster of some of what's covered: